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August 2011 Contest Winner

To all who entered "Thank you very much!"

August is the second to last month for the contest prior to the Christmas holidays. The contest will resume again in March 2012.

Congratulations to the winner of the August Freebie Contest. The winner is...

"Timmy" a sweet Pygmy Goat by Kimberly Winterrowd of Fort Worth, TX.

Congratulations to Kimberly!

Here is the winner's photograph. Come back in a couple weeks to see the finished sketch! Please read the following info Kimberly wrote about little Timmy...


"Timmy is a Pygmy Goat born Oct 22nd, 2010.  He was rejected by his mother…so I had to bottle feed him from day 1.  At the time it was competition season, so he had to go with me and my horse all over Texas and Oklahoma to different competitions.  It was cold at night…so he would sleep curled up on a quilt next to my bed in the trailer…and used a puppy pad pretty well.  The photo was taken at one of the rides in December.  He would spend the day out on a leash/tether next to the trailer.  I have attached a pic of him in his little goat coat just for fun.  J

He is now all grown up and lives with the other 3 goats.  He still is the special favorite and I do take him for leash walks as he still thinks he might be a dog."

Sketch of Timmy the pygmy goat

Timmy the goat

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