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As some of you already know I decided to hold a horses only contest this month to boost my samples of horses, so I chose 2 winners for the horses and 1 for the general contest! We had over 35 entries in the general, but only 2 cat photos were entered? We got over 45 entries for the horse contest, which was fantastic! I'm holding another horses only contest, so please enter again for March!

The winners of the February Freebie Contest are:

"Joy" a longhaired dachshund sent in by Sarbina Spurlin

"Tammy Faye" a grey tobiano Paint sent in by Jean Smith

"MTS Guinevere" a bay filly sent in by Monica Adams.

For those who sent in photos - you may enter again. The winner is chosen out of a hat! Make sure you read the rules on how to enter the best photo possible.

Here are the 3 winners. Scroll down to see all.


Tammy Faye
MTS Guinevere