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Everyone loves free stuff!

Once a month I'll randomly pick one lucky photo to sketch for free. That's right for FREE!

All you need to do to enter is submit one photo per person each month, so send in a really good one at the highest resolution possible! You can keep submitting the same photo every month if you want. You never know, because everyones name goes into a bowl and the winner is lucky dip!

There is only one catch. The freebie is only for the 72 dpi scanned file of the sketch (via email). If you want to purchase the original sketch you may do so at 50% off the regular price, plus shipping. By entering this contest you are giving me permission to use your photo and winning sketch on this website or in other Alpine Animal Art promotional material.

So click the monthly contest to enter via email! But make sure to have your one photo ready to attach to the email entry! Please send a high-resolution photo with lots of detail!!

There will be 1 winner chosen at random.

Tell us how you heard about Alpine Animal Art, who you are, where you are from, and don't forget to include your pet's name and breed.

Contest suspended -click to send me an email, so I can notify you when the contest begins again!

March Winner - Westley, Emily Nicholson

August Winner - Winston, Denise Thompson

July Winner - Zipper, Dorinda Osborne

June Winner - Zella, Becca Schwartz

May Winner - Nessie, Linda Duncan

April Winner - Journey, Kathy Russell

March Winner - Wilson Henry, Angela Walker

February Winner - Clint, Anne Baxter

September Winner - Casey & Nikki, Diane Fuller

August & July Winner - Timmy, Kimberly Winterrowd

June Winner - Meg & Rowdy, Jenny Taylor

May Winner - Rissa, Kyle McPherson

April Winner - Finley, Christina Hardinger

August Winner - Jackie, Pamela Norwood

July Winner - Jimmy, from Alicia Sessler

June Winner - Custard, Jenny Corrin

May Winner - Connor, Diana Olson

April Winner - Lovey, Karen Bringol

March Winner - Oak Parks Oh I'm So Awesome, Cristina Crites

August Winner - Hershey, Esther Dauben

July Winner - Monty, Monica Causo

June Winner - Cilla, Emma Helstrip
May Winner - Chloe, Valerie Diaz

April Winner - Apollo, Kelley Southerland

January Winner - Cover Girl, ShadowCats rescue
December Winner - Zasha, German Shepherd
November Winner - Mi Luna, Arabian horse
October Winner - Henry Raymond, Horse
September Winner - Madsen, Springer Spaniel
August Winner - Lovie - Appaloosa

July Winner - Shiro -Border Collie

June Winner - Matisse (click on the link to view)
May Winner - Ariel (click on the link to view)
April Winner - Cinnamon (click on the link to view)
March Winner - Brier (click the link)
February Winner - Kendall (click the link)
January Winner - Macy (click the link)
December Winner - Dudley (click the link)
November Winner - Strydor (click the link)
October Winner - Rivendell (click the link)
September Winner - Charlie (click the link)
August Winner - Taylor (click the link)
July Winner - Buddy (click the link)
June Winner - Bud & Bree (click the link)
May Winner - Tahoe (click on the link)
April Winner - Cecee (click on the link)
March Winner - Eenie Weenie (click on the link)
February Winner - Black Jack
December Winner - Dazzle (click on the link)
November Winner - Rolo (click on the link)
October Winner - Liz (click on the link)
September Winner - Timber (click on the link)
August Winners - Highway & Eeyore (click on the link)
July Winners - Cocoa & Alice (click on the link)
June Winners - Sassirilla & Elvira (click on the link)
May Winners - Sam & Rob Dog (click on the link)
April Winners - Star & Peter (click on the link)
March Winners - 2 Winners this month (click on the link)
February Winners - 3 Winners this month (click on the link)
January Winners - 2 Winners this month (click on the link)
December Winner "Mango & Tango" - sent in by Dawn Cox
November Winner "Buster" - sent in by David Skonieczny
October Winner "Sunny" sent in by Karen Linger

New months will be added as each preceeding month is completed. Click on the winner to see the winning sketch.

Thanks for entering, and Good Luck!