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So now you must be thinking - How does this work? How do I submit my pet for a sketch? How much does it cost?

The following Prices include shipping via US Priority mail in the US:

Standard = 8" x 10" - $130.00 - this is for a sketch of one pet. The image is roughly 8x10 and it's drawn on a sheet of 11x14 inch paper. This is the most popular choice.

Specialty = 8" x 10" - $185.00 - this is for a sketch of 2 pets in the drawing. The image is roughly 8x10 inches and it's drawn on a sheet of 11x14 inch paper.

Custom = 17" x 14" - $300 and up depending on the complexity and number of animals in the drawing.

What you need to do is find or take a photograph or many photos of your pet. It should be a close up or a very clear overall picture. It can be from a digital camera or a film camera. Unfortunately a picture from a camera phone will not be good enough for me to capture the detail and personality of your pet. For professional tips on how to photograph your pet click here.

Once you've chosen a picture you may either email it to me, or send it surface mail if you don't have a scanner. Email me for my address and other info.

Once I've received your photo with payment (personal check or money order), It will take me about 2 days to complete the sketch. I will email you a 72 dpi resolution scan of it, so that you can approve it before I ship. I use US postal priority mail which takes about 2 to 3 days to arrive.

Unfortunately I do not draw people. I only sketch animals. If I haven't answered your questions here, please feel free to email me.

High Quality Prints of any sketch shown on my website are also available for $30 ea- (includes shipping)

All of my images are copyrighted, please do not use unless you have permission from me personally!

This picture is great, it shows a lot of detail. I can take out any glare in the eyes. So don't worry if your photo has "red-eye". I usually do not draw the background on photos. This picture is too blurry and not enough detail can be seen -especially in the puppy! If you send in a photo like this it will be sent back, and I'll be nicely asking you to please find another one.