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As some of you already know I decided to hold a horses only contest this month and last month to boost my samples of horse sketches. I chose 1 winner for the horses and 1 for the general contest. We had over 28 entries in the general, this time there were 7 cat photos entered, so the odds are getting better for cats. :) We got over 22 entries for the horse contest, which was fantastic! To all who entered "Thank you very much!" please enter again for April, you never know, you just might win!

The winners of the March Freebie Contest are:

"Wasamah Sawdah LDA" a playful Egyptian Arabian filly sent in by Louise DeRusseau from Cedar Creek, Texas

"Emma and Maggie " adorable Pug/Dachshund puppies sent in by Heather Benjamin of Loveland, Colorado.

For those who sent in photos - you may enter again. The winner is chosen out of a hat! Make sure you read the rules on how to enter the best photo possible.

Here are the 2 winning sketches and the photos they were drawn from. Click on the sketch to see a bigger image.

Wasamah Sawdah LDA Arabian Filly

Emma & Maggie Pug/Dachshund Puppies

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