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As some of you already know I decided to hold a cats only contest for May to boost my samples of cat sketches. I chose 1 winner for the cats and 1 for the general contest. We had 52 entries in the general, this time there were only 2 cat photos.

To all who entered "Thank you very much!" please enter again for June, you never know, you just might win! For June I will draw a winner from the dogs, and one from all other entries. So send in those kitty, bird, lizard, horse, goats, sheep or other miscellaneous pet photos!!

Congratulations to the winners of the May Freebie Contest. They are:

"Sam" a Maine Coon mix sent in by Amber Ryan from Austin, Texas

"Rob Dog" a Border Collie rescue sent in by Cheri McDonald of Bentonville, Arkansas

For those who sent in photos - you may enter again. The winner is chosen out of a hat! Make sure you read the rules on how to enter the best photo possible.

Here are the 2 winning photos. I plan to post the winning sketches by Monday June 5th, so come back and check them out.


Rob Dog

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