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May 2011 Contest Winner

To all who entered "Thank you very much!" please enter again for June, you never know, you just might win! For next month I will draw one winner from all pet photos sent in.

Congratulations to the winner of the May Freebie Contest. The winner is...

"Rissa" a Chihuahua, sent in by Kyle McPherson of Swanton, Ohio.

If you did not win, you may enter again. The winner is chosen "lucky dip" out of a bowl. To submit the best photo possible, choose one that shows alot of detail and is the highest resolution possible.

Here is the winner's finished sketch of Rissa, and the photograph it was drawn from. I also got an additional photo to be able to extend the chest area and made it more of a finished portrait.


Rissa Sketch, Chihuahua

Rissa Photo ChihuahuaRissa Photo Chihuahua

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