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These are real Testimonials from my clients. A special "thank you for your business" goes out to all of them!

Purchasing a commissioned art online is a leap of faith, but feel confident in ordering from Patrice at Alpine Animal Art. I commissioned a portrait of my husbands dog, Sally, a Springer Spaniel for Christmas. Patrice worked closely with me to not only capture the physical attributes of Sally, but her personality came through as well.   My husband and I were both thrilled with the portrait.  I highly recommend Alpine Animal Art. You will not be disappointed. 

Sherry F.

New Braunfels, TX- January 2014


Patrice, We received our portrait of our beloved Jack in the mail today. I ordered this as a Father’s Day gift for my husband because we loved Jack as if he were our son, and Dan agrees that this is the best Father’s Day gift he has ever received.  Both of us are astounded by your talent and your ability to capture the very essence of Jack and in particular, his intense, expressive eyes.  Needless, to say, our emotions overwhelmed us when we first looked at the portrait and every time we look at it there will be tugs at our heart strings but the memories it brings us is beyond measure.  We have this amazing rendering of Jack hanging on the wall in our living room and it makes us feel as if he is still very much part of our lives.  Thank you for using your talent to give us and others who love their companions as we did Jack, comfort and solace in our loss.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely, Dan and Vivian F

Bucklin MO- June 13, 2012

Jack Miniature Pinscher


Thank you for the wonderful work you have done over the years, I love my sketches of Casey and Harley, you are amazing.  I have both of them framed and on my wall at home where everyone can see them.  I have Harley's sketch as my screen saver on my IPhone as well.
Again, thank you, everytime I look at your sketches, it helps keep my memories alive and never forgetting how special my babies were.
Photo of Pat with her Collies


Satisfied customer Pat B with her framed sketches and gorgeous collies! If you click on the image you can see a larger version and look for the Doxie trying to photo bomb and pretend she's one of the collies! Thank you Pat for sending this in ;-)

Photo of Pat with her Collies


Hey Patrice, The sketch is beautiful!  I am crying as I am typing this because you have captured Sydney as we will always remember her, right down to the crinkle in her left ear. She was very special to us, and we miss her every day. You are truly talented, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

Thanks again,Vicki W.

Moultrie, GA- August 2011


Patrice, I just wanted to say thank you again for the sketch that you did of our Niko. Our wedding was this past Saturday, so I FINALLY got to give it to my husband. He said it was one of the best presents that he has ever received. Thank you for helping to make our big day even more special. You are so very talented and a pleasure to work with. I wish you continued success with your business. Your work is priceless!
Myles and Chris N.

Richmond, TX- July 2011


Patrice, I just picked up the mail - Lucky's sketch is FABULOUS!  I don't know how you did it with the crummy pictures I sent, but you captured him perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful work, and for rushing to get it finished for Sandy's birthday.  She is going to LOVE it!  I'm on my way to the framer now. Thank you again,

Kathy K.

Richmond, TX- June 2011


When I received my pencil sketch, I could hardly believe my eyes!!! It is so amazing! I spend hours staring at it and marveling at how much detail is in each drawing. It's the first thing I show to anyone who comes to the house. I even brought the UPS girl and the FEDEX guy into the house to see it - and everyone is awed by the picture. I cannot thank Patrice enough. I don't know how she does it! Not only has she captured my furbabies' looks, but she has managed to portray their personalities. Mick has that mischevious look. Peaches is obviously the elegant one and Mattie Sue looks so innocent and sweet. Thank you so much for my beautiful sketch.

Lynn Peaslee

Middleburg, FL - April 2010


My husband and I had the morning off so we were both here to view the sketch of Jake together...

MANY tears later we both wanted you to know how wonderful the sketch is. There is no mistaking that happy face is our sweet Jakey! Yes you got his freckles just right what a talent you have. Sucha a special gift, your sketch is wonderful and will be so treasured.


April 2010


I received the sketch of Diesel & Cody this week! It is extraordinary! I am so pleased with the way you captured both dogs! They look fantastic! Especially Diesel (the little guy). I will definitely recommend you to friends and family and animal lovers alike!

I also want to thank you for your constant communication throughout the sketching. You were wonderful in asking exactly what I wanted and keeping me posted on the status of the drawing. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Truly beautiful!

Warmest Regards,

Kelly C.


I picked up "Torque" this morning. Your drawing is even more beautiful than on the e-mail you sent me. I have been forwarding his picture with your drawing to all my family and customers (Bouvier Parents) I have received many request for your info. Hope you have lots of sketch pads!!
Thank you again for such a beautiful drawing of our Torque.
Sincerely yours,
Vicki R.


OH wow!! How quickly and how absolutely perfect! See...that is Gracie.
It's all in the eyes (and ears..lol) and you've captured her perfectly! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I feel like a kid in the best candy store ever!

Have a great day!


Missy is a mixed-breed dog, so there are no artist's prototypes for her, and any rendering would have to be from scratch. I contacted Mrs. Palmer at AustinAnimalArt.com with multiple pictures, as I did not have a single picture that captured the entire dog. I hoped to be able to get at least a reasonable picture for my wife to have for her den. Well, the picture was not consistent with my expectations; rather, it far surpassed them. My wife was so moved when she saw the picture that she broke down and cried; she said that the sketch captured Missy in her very prime. The work is of such quality that we are going to have it professionally framed; and instead of going in her den, it is going in our living room. I cannot say enough about the artist's work; it would have been worth the money at double or triple the price I paid. -Jim


I cried tears of happiness when I saw the pencil drawing that she did of my furbaby, Dylan ! It captured Dylan's personality to the T .... and she did this simply from a photo that I sent to her website. I entered the monthly contest drawing, and won ! You can see Dylan's pictures in the January 2006 winners~ the website is www.austinanimalart.com ~ check it out !!

Laura 'n Rocky Bear 'n Dylan


This is amazing! You did such a great job capturing Cooper's expression. It really looks just like him!

I've been passing the image around to my family - I think you can expect some orders soon, if they haven't contacted you already! I'll keep you posted on ordering prints of Cooper.

Thanks so much!


I caught your add on Craigslist. Wondering if you'd have time to produce a 8x10 sketch of my favorite dog "Daisy" I've attached two photos for reference, if possible I'd like to have it completed this week (before Friday) so I'll have time to get this wonderful art framed and matted before valentine's day.
Tom M.

She loved it! Thanks for coming through, I got it all together in the nick of time. -Tom


This is Doug's wife, Stacey.  I was so pleased with Cody's drawing. And very surprised!! What a great job!
I am planning to see if you could do my mother's little dogs for either Mother's Day or her birthday in August.  I'm interested in an 8x10.  Would you prefer pictures of them together or separate and then you put them in the picture together?  One is a tiny chihuahua and her other is a llaso apso that has her hair cut short but a flowing tail.
Just let me know what I need to provide to you and how much an 8x10 would be.
Thanks again for your great work!
S. E. D.


I wasn't sure quite what to expect when I e-mailed my photos, but I was really pleased and surprised at both the size of the drawings and the quality. My photos were not the best, but she did a great job of getting what made each dog special. My three girls never looked so beautiful!

(mother of Gidget, Moondog, and Junebug)


they love it - the picture of trinny is hanging above the couch in the living room. me and ed are taking pics of roxy tring to get the pic we want of her for you to draw.. thanks again for everything.  we hope to get a pic to you soon.  thanks, will be talking soon



Cindy loved it!!! She was just as excited to see his portrait on the samples area of your website.

Thank you again for such a special gift.



I read about you in Jane Greig's column today in the Statesman. I would like to get a sketch of my husband's favorite dog, Albee, for his birthday.
Attached are two photos of Albee in an attempt to show you his various markings better. I would prefer to have his face shown without the toy, just his tongue hanging out as in the other photo. Please let me know if these photos are sufficient.

That was quick! I do love it! I'm sure my husband will, too! I'll let you know. Thanks, Betty

It's been all I can do to NOT give it to him early. I absolutely can't wait to see his face! It seems like his birthday has been FOREVER getting here. Thanks, Betty


Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoy this month's newsletter. There is an exciting article about a local artist that made a wonderful drawing of my dog Draco. Go to the k9crimefighters web site link in the letter to get an even better
view of the art and a new t-shirt offer! DJ

From the newsletter:

A big thank you goes out to P. Palmer of Austin Animal Art. She is a local artist who has done a spectacular job of sketching Draco, Officer Lahr's partner, from a photograph she took of the German Shepherd.


I love the bird art! I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the k9crimefighters donation from any work done from their referrals. I have told the other handlers and some may get with you for their dogs too. I am also posting the work on my bird newsgroup. There are many bird lovers that may be interested. I also told them of the k9crimefighers donation, so hopefully everyone can win in this. I hope you get tons of work... (-:

Officer DJ Lahr
Unit Trainer
Austin Police K-9 Unit


Hey...I got the sketches in the mail, and they look great! Thanks so much for getting them done so quickly. I will definitely be getting a few more done soon!

Thanks so much! - Jeff W.


Hi!   I absolutely love the sketch of Sunny.  You have captured her perfectly!!  I would love to buy the original- please tell me how I can pay for it and where I can pick it up.  Thank you so much for choosing Sunny as your winner (she has always been a winner in my heart and now the world will know!!).  When I have some time tomorrow I will add something to Craigs List.  I am so happy :)
Many thanks,
Karen L.